How to choose a durable Chocolate Refiner Machine for business

Want to make coffee beans into chocolate bars? Maybe you have learned to make chocolate but are frustrated with the machine you are currently using? So more and more people ask us about our chocolate refiner machine. Of course, we are also very eager to help you find a machine that suits you!

What is the difference between a grinder and a chocolate refiner machine?

Traditional/non-upgraded machines are traditionally used for rice milling and are called “rice mills”. On average, the rice milling machine is used for a few hours a week. If you want to use these machines for making chocolate, this is part of the reason why you should upgrade these machines, because the mill warranty does not cover chocolate making. Chocolate production takes longer to refine, and cocoa butter requires very dry conditions. Many people have found that the easiest grinder for making chocolate is the Premier Wonder Grinder. We also discovered this, but realized that we could make improvements to this machine to help improve its functionality, durability and capacity. In addition, the warranty for the grinder does not cover chocolate making.

Why should I upgrade my refiner to a chocolate refiner machine?

The upgraded machine dedicated to making chocolate is called the “chocolate refiner machine”. We made them stronger by adding a number of upgrades, including stronger gears, fully sealed ball bearings (important when handling cocoa butter), better stone support materials, durable belts, and overheated shutdown switches to give you peace of mind With long-running machines.Basically, we talked with other chocolate manufacturers to urge them to make suggestions for improvement, check the content of replacement and the method of replacement. The result is a better machine to make the chocolate we like and use every day. We cooperate with many chocolate manufacturers and are constantly looking for ways to further improve our conches. We are always making improvements, so the list of upgrades will still increase.

Top countertop models for home chefs and artisan producers.

Whether you are just starting to make chocolate or an experienced professional, as long as you have the right ingredients and a little patience, you will enjoy freshly made chocolate, nut butters and spreads made from the best ingredients. The chocolate refiner machine is easy to use, reliable and robust, thanks to innovative engineering design and the use of high-quality materials and components. These grinders are carefully designed to reduce cocoa particles down to 20 microns. Therefore, when your batch is processed, your final product will reach the best taste, with a very smooth, fluid texture. The chocolate can then be molded into bars or added to cocoa, biscuits, croissants and frozen desserts. Processing from scratch not only gives you complete freedom to source the best ingredients, but also refers to the roasting characteristics of cocoa beans and nuts. The resulting unique iconic recipes will differentiate you from the competition and enhance your brand personality.

Table top model

The chocolate refiner machine brings handmade chocolate making to home chefs and small batch professionals. Whether you are a newbie just starting to make chocolate or an experienced professional, as long as you use the right ingredients, plus a little patience, you will enjoy delicious chocolate made according to your own recipes. Thanks to our innovative engineering, using high-quality materials and components, our refiners are easy to use, barrier-free, reliable and robust so that users with the lowest skill level are ready to achieve the desired results. Premier Refiner can refine cocoa particles to 20 microns. This shows that when your recipe is refined, your final product will reach the best taste, with a very smooth, fluid texture that can be molded into bars or blended into other recipes.

It is easy to use for home chocolate making. It is only 11 x 11 x 16″ and 25 pounds (11.5 kg), which can be placed on your countertop. Slowly add the beans, warm cocoa butter and sugar (only dry ingredients, no moisture), and watch them be Refined into chocolate! Please note that the bowl cannot be washed in the dishwasher.