Beginners must enter: 1 color 1 Station Screen Printing Press

As people realize that 1 color 1 station screen printing press has become more and more common. We are all eager for brands to pursue our passion in new ways, to buy the goods we want or want, and to alleviate our financial worries. Once you have calculated the value of the cost of living, you will soon know that there is almost nothing left at the beginning of the month, which is not a cool thing at all.

The traditional work schedule is not enough to measure the life you dream of. Are you capable of investing in yourself? If so, please consider entering screen printing from 1 color 1 station screen printing press. For more than 30 years, Riley Hopkins (Riley Hopkins) has developed high-quality, economical equipment, which has promoted the development of thousands of printing industries. Now, the brand will bring more printers into the industry through 1 color 1 station screen printing press.

If you want to do side hole punching through screen printing, or need a printing machine for real-time printing, 1 color 1 station screen printing press can solve this problem. More sturdy than a DIY printer, but simpler than a Riley Hopkins 250 printer, a 1 color 1 station screen printing press will produce excellent prints without hurting the wallet. One of the advantages of the press is the ability to change the press plate. Various press plates can be used, which means you can print youth clothing, labels on the neck, chest prints, etc. Whether you are opening an Etsy store, printing for a certain regional business or real-time printing, the durability and flexibility of the 1 color 1 station screen printing press will provide you with a solid foothold in the industry and therefore have the opportunity to expand you s brand.

Setting 1 color 1 station screen printing press may be a piece of cake. To assemble the press, you only need two, ½ inch wrenches and two 9/16 inch wrenches. You can screw the tablet into an existing desktop or workbench. Otherwise, you will check out the Riley Hopkins news shopping cart, which not only can be placed to continue, but also can store up to 6 screens.

1 color 1 station screen printing press Product features:

1. Rigid standing arm

2. Hot rolled steel and aircraft grade aluminum

3. Made in the U.S.

4. The strong spring can support the screen vertically

5. Sturdy screen clip

1 color 1 station screen printing press Media features:

Can be installed-installed on any desktop, workbench, workbench, etc., rotating the screen clamp nut-to prevent the screen from moving, while locking it in the screen clamp. Adjustable screen tilt/tilt-when in a raised position (when the shirt is installed, the screen will not be facing you), the off contact-the screen off contact adjustment is easy to adjust. PLATEN / PALLET-Sliding adjustable pressure plate! Neck cutting pressure plate allows easy loading and alignment of shirts. The versatility of the platform/tray-the platform is usually easy to disassemble and replace with various sizes, shapes, etc.! Screen capacity-Accept standard 18X20 inch and 20×24 inch screen sizes, wood and aluminum. Screen retention-easy to adjust the screen to release tension! Powder coating-strong powder coating that can protect for many years. Easy to assemble-super easy to assemble-just a few bolts and you can print! Includes easy-to-follow assembly instructions with photos!

How to set up your 1 color 1 station screen printing press

First of all, you can try to use only a speedball frame, some ink and a shirt on your craft room table for screen printing. The effect is very good, and it is very common for users who have made many shirts in this way. However, once you mention the screen, you may always have this expectation-do I buy ink evenly throughout the design? Screen printing in this way can be a gamble. After lifting the screen, it is impossible to push the screen back at the same position. Believe me, this is where the 1 color 1 station screen printing press really comes in handy! You will scratch a layer of ink, raise the screen to appear, and then accurately lower it back to increase the amount of ink.

Whether you are obsessed with screen printing or want to start selling screen-printed shirts, 1 color 1 station screen printing press is a good investment. The 1-color table sells for about $100 (available on Amazon) and may be a perfect entry setting for a home crafting room. It is relatively small (compared to a 4-color machine), so your working space is limited.

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