Can wood be used for profiles?

Aluminum profiles have many advantages and can be used to build almost all kinds of structures. However, in some cases, non-metallic materials have more advantages. This is why item developed KH profiles.

This special profile is made of a composite of thermoplastic polypropylene and wood. The wood used is PEFC certified and comes from sustainable forest management.

More than 70% of the material of the profile KH is wood fiber, so it is much lighter than the aluminum profile (1.06 kg/m) and is more ergonomic. It also has a better carbon dioxide value (carbon dioxide equivalent: 3.6 kg), as well as ideal electrical insulation and electromagnetic wave permeability.

In addition, the profile KH is fully compatible with item’s series of products. Like similar aluminum profiles, profile KH has profile 8 series groove rails, which supports item standard fasteners, and the panel can also be directly embedded in the profile frame.

Its applications range from assembly carts, mobile shelves, to protective fences, screens and even laboratory equipment for EMC measurements. KH’s variant products can also be used in lean production assembly systems.

Focus on classic mechanical engineering profiles

Classical aluminum profiles have obvious advantages in most competitions. So, when comparing with wood-plastic composite profiles, what are the key points to choose? We decided to leave this question to Marco Nieschwietz to answer. As the global product manager of item, no one knows KH for profiles better than him.

At the same ambient temperature, aluminum profiles are always cooler to the touch, because metals conduct heat faster, and the overall feel of profile KH is very comfortable, especially in winter.

Another application is as a protective fence. Through the combined use of profile KH, safety suspension rods, corner fittings and polycarbonate panels, a protective fence that meets the protection requirements of DIN EN ISO 14120:2016 can be constructed. Profile KH provides you with another option, which is more cost-effective, more conducive to carbon neutrality and energy saving.

How to combine the advantages of an aluminum profile with profile KH? When is it better to choose aluminum profile?

There are two situations, it is more recommended that you choose to use aluminum profiles. One is when it needs to withstand higher loads, and the other is when dealing with dynamic loads.

When using these two materials at the same time, one is to reduce weight, and the other is to know that people will often touch it. It is recommended to use profile KH for structures with a risk of collision or locations that will definitely touch when moving. When more attention is paid to stability, it is recommended to choose aluminum profiles. The 8 series groove rails ensure that the aluminum profile and profile KH are perfectly compatible.

Insulation performance is also an important factor repeatedly mentioned by customers. Aluminum profile is conductive, and profile KH can be used to avoid it in some specific areas. It has good insulation and can make the structure form an insulating layer. This is the main reason why wood-plastic composite profiles are used in combination with aluminum profiles.

Key factors of mechanical engineering profiles

We have obtained detailed data from manufacturers and suppliers, and primary energy consumption accounts for about a quarter of the energy consumption required for stamping aluminum profiles. In terms of sustainability, one of the advantages of KH profile is that it contains 70% renewable raw materials.

How about recycling? Wood is easily recycled and reused. However, the profile KH is made of a mixture of wood and plastic. Is it possible to completely recycle this profile?

It is theoretically possible, but not as easy as aluminum profiles. Aluminum profiles are circulated all over the world, and they are a very popular material in the field of machinery and professional equipment manufacturing. It has become a network and it is very easy to recycle.

In contrast, wood-plastic composite profiles are still a niche product. However, as mentioned above, it has special advantages different from aluminum profiles. Now, we just provide you with a brand new option.

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