Choose Sany Concrete Pump, Choose Energy-Saving And High-Efficiency

Sany Heavy Industry provides a variety of powerful machines. Among them are Sany concrete pumps. Each model is specially developed for the American market and has the characteristics of high efficiency, reliable performance, safe operation, simple and comfortable operation. SANY’s Putzmeister dealer network in Europe uniquely combines the highest quality standards, the latest technology, and comprehensive sales, service and maintenance support.

Starting February 2020, Putzmeister has collaborated with parent company, Sany Group,putzmeister Sany composite to launch a replacement class-leading offering of concrete pumps supported by Putzmeister available in 38-, 47-, 56- and 66-meter models. This new offering of products is meant around simplicity, cost effectiveness and reliability.

The SANY SY56 is that the second model to be launched through Putzmeister America, and was on display at ConExpo 2020 within the bronze lot booth B7021.The SANY pumps supported by Putzmeister America combine the standard of the automotive grade manufacturing with the reliability of Putzmeister’s elite service and support. The printing operation of concrete boom pumps are going to be available in 38m, 49m, 56m, and 66m.

SANY concrete pumps offer surprising value. These pumps are designed around simplicity, cost-effectiveness and reliability. a number of the key attributes that customers have recognized of the pumps already are the straightforward operation, respectable quality and low-initial investment. the whole Putzmeister / SANY team is functioning hard to make sure that with this newly available line , customers experience an equivalent industry-leading service and support as they are doing when purchasing Putzmeister equipment.

SANY truck-mounted concrete pumps adopt 8 core technologies to make sure smooth pumping and safe operation. This includes one button stabilisation, boom anti-vibration, energy saving, anti overswing, fault self diagnosis, safety, smart boom system and highly wear resistant parts. Fine production, rigorous tests and reliable components of world-renowned brands guarantee an extended service life for your SANY concrete pumps.

Sany America’s 40Z meter boom truck-mounted concrete pump raises the bar for the competition within the three-axle truck category. Sany engineers developed the longest boom on three axles with a 5-in. system on the complete length of the boom. This has been accomplished while maintaining axle weights—20,000 lb on the front axle and 40,000 lb on the rear axles—that will leave easy permitting. The pump body and pedestal assembly were designed with strict parameters for strength, overall weight and weight distribution.

Company research shows that this balanced blend of functionality and price will strike a meaningful chord with an outsized a part of America market. the whole Putzmeister/Sany team is functioning hard to make sure that each one support services are in situ before launch.

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