Continuous Improvement: The History Of Salisbury Axles

The Salisbury Axle Company was estabished in Jamestown,New York in 1901.At that time ,CW Salisbury,the key manufacturer and repairman of umberellas,appiled for a patent for car axles,and then shared his savings with two colleagues Scott Penfield and ED.Sherman worked together and satarted prouduction.Salisbury’s first customer was ER Thomas,the maker of Thomas Flyers.In 1905,the company began manufacturing front axles.Two years later,the rear axle was added to its product line.

Salisbury way acquired by Spicer in 1919 and moved to Toledo in 1929,closer to the center of the automobile industry.Salisbury axles have become standard equipment for thousands of cars.When World War II broke out,Salisbury’s sturdy axle proved to be an ideal choice for jeep.Beacuse jeeps were so popular that in 1945,Salisbury successfully established a new factory in Fort Wayne,Indiana.In 1970,the Salisbury Axle Group was renamed Spicer Axle Division.

Salisbury-style axles and differentials were installed on the rear of all the long-wheelbase classic “Land Rovers”from Series III up to 2003.That is to say,the short wheelbase models are equipped with standdard Rover diffentials at the front and rear.The V8 has a 4-gear version of the Rover differential at the rear of the 90s.

Land Rover Salisbury axles are equipped with two types of pinion oil seals;leather and rubber .The original stamp was a leather steamp, which was replaced by a rubber steamp in 1999.The improved rubber seal design can only be assembled with flange components after 1999.But the w-hole flange kit can be retrofitted to earlier vehicles.The rubber seal has a dust-proof lip and can also be used in conjunction with the large mudguard on the rear flange.

This later style of rubber sealing is not suitable for the initial assembly of flange components.So we can identify the type of flange behind by installing a large metal fender.Sometimes it is possible that someone incorrectly installed the earlier types of flanges and seals.For all applications,the earlier flange part number 607185 has been replaced by Land Rover with the later flange assembly Kt STC4457 or STC4403.

If the previous VIN number of your vehid is XA159807,please check your axle first to see if the flange type you are fitting is because it may have been upgraded to a new flange assembly.The old leather seals are suitable for later flange components,but you have no way to adapt to the later design rubber seals.

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