The Mechanical Products column mainly introduces information about mechanical products, including the latest mechanical research products and the latest research results obtained at home and abroad.

A brief history of mechanical development

The development of machinery can be divided into two parts in the 20th century.The following is a brief history of the development of machinery.

A brief history of mechanical development, before the 20th century

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The main classification of machinery

There are many types of machinery, which can be divided into various categories according to several different aspects, such as: according to function, it can be divided into power machinery, material handling machinery, crushing machinery, etc.; according to the service industry can be divided into agricultural machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery , Packaging machinery, etc.; according to the working principle can be divided into thermal machinery, fluid machinery, bionic machinery, etc.

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What is the machinery?

Machinery is a tool device that can help people reduce the difficulty of work or save effort. Items such as chopsticks, brooms, and tweezers can be called machinery. They are simple machinery. The complex machinery is composed of two or more simple machinery. These more complicated machines are usually called machines. From the point of view of structure and movement, there is no difference between mechanism and machine, which is generally called machine.

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