Swiss Machine Tool Companies Ranking

Speaking of machine tools, you might think of German machine tools and Japanese machine tools. In fact, Swiss machine tools and even the entire Swiss manufacturing industry are at a good level.

TITANS, a CNC training center in the United States, walked into the Swiss precision machining workshop and shot the video. You can feel the charm of small parts. There are more than 4,000 parts on a plate less than the size of a palm.

The Swiss have a rigorous and conscientious “craftsman spirit” and a perseverance in craftsmanship. There are many invisible champions among Swiss machine tool companies. Let’s take a look at who are these machine tool companies? (names not listed in order):

1. Starrag Group

The Starrag Group is headquartered in Rorschach, Switzerland, and has production bases in Switzerland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and India. At the same time, it has established a network of sales and service subsidiaries in many other countries.

The Swiss Starrag Group (starrag) is a global technology leader in the manufacture of high-precision machine tools. Its products are mainly used for milling, turning, boring and grinding of metal, composite and ceramic materials. Starrag currently owns the top ten brands of Berthiez, Bumotec, Dörries, Droop+Rein, Ecospeed, Heckert, Scharmann, SIP, Starrag and TTL.

2. Swiss GF Machining Solutions Group

The history of the Swiss GF Machining Solutions Group began in 1861. Its headquarter is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The group has 2873 employees. The group is based in Switzerland to carry out business all over the world and has 50 branches all over the world. The Swiss GF Machining Solutions Group belongs to the George Fischer Group (Switzerland).

GF Machining Solutions is a supplier of machine tools, automation solutions and services for tool and mold manufacturing and precision parts processing. Products include: electrical discharge machining machines, high-speed milling machining centers, high-performance milling machining centers and pallet and fixture systems, three-dimensional laser texturing machines. In addition, we also provide customers with technical services, spare parts and consumables, and automation solutions. The group is the most powerful company producing EDM machine tools in the world today.

3. Willemin-Macodel SA (Willemin-Macodel SA)

Willemin-Macodel SA is located in Delemont, Switzerland. Since 1974, it has been committed to the development and manufacturing of advanced machining centers, milling and turning composite machining centers, and turning centers, especially for five-axis CNC linkage machining of complex and high-precision parts . Its main products include precision five-axis machining centers, turning/milling composite machining centers and parallel machine tools. Industry applications are mainly watch, medical, aviation/aerospace, jewelry, mold and micro precision parts processing. The five-axis machining center uses mineral cast iron (artificial granite), its own spindle, and a repeat positioning accuracy of 2 microns.

Today Willemin-Macodel SA has important technical know-how. These expertise and experience are obtained through long-term design and manufacturing of processing centers. The CAD/CAM system is used to achieve targeted design according to the technical requirements of users. Wei Li Ming vertical machining center belongs to the first echelon of the world’s vertical machining center brand.

4. Mikron

Mikron is a century-old “old shop”. Mikron integrates development, production and sales to achieve extremely precise, efficient and adaptable automation solutions, machining systems and cutting tools, covering global automobiles, medical equipment, Industries such as pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, pens and watches.

The group is headquartered in Agno, Switzerland, and has sales and after-sales service organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chongqing. Engineers are localized, and the headquarters will often arrange these engineers to go to Switzerland for further study. Mikron’s equipment is made in Germany, which is convenient for engineers to charge and upgrade their knowledge, so as to better serve our Chinese customers. Mikron vertical machining center belongs to the first echelon of the world’s vertical machining center brand. It is said that Mikron’s standard machining center has been sold, but the cutting tools, special machine tools, automation, etc. still belong to the Mikron Group.

5. Tornos

“When it comes to parts, think of Tornos”, this is the company’s chosen slogan, indicating that the solutions provided by Tornos can be perfectly applied to various industries that have high requirements for quality and productivity. Tornos specializes in manufacturing machine tools, designing and producing machine tools that specialize in processing high-precision and high-quality parts.

At present, Tornos mainly produces CNC (CNC) Swiss-type (sliding headstock) lathes, CNC multi-spindle lathes and machining centers with higher precision for the production of complex parts. The high-precision turning industry requires the same high quality, high precision and high production efficiency. Tornos has a wealth of expertise and is regarded as the benchmark of the precision turning industry. Through a global sales and service network, Tornos provides unique solutions to professional market segments, especially the automotive, medical and dental, micromechanical and electronic industries.

6. Fehlmann

Fehlmann was founded by Willi Fehlmann in 1930. It is located in a village (Seon) in Aargau Province with a population of only over 5,000. It is a typical township private enterprise. Its early products were mainly manual drilling machines.

In 1954, the young Wili Fehlmann completed the HTL degree and entered the management. When he was a student, he developed a desktop drilling and milling machine with a coordinate table. In 1975, the company launched Switzerland’s first CNC machine tool PICOMAX 50 NC. In 1994, the company launched a five-axis machining center using electric spindles. In 2006, Wili Fehlmann handed over the management of the company to the third-generation successor Frank Fehlmann. In 2011, the company established a sales and exhibition center in Suzhou.

The company’s products are mainly vertical and portal machining centers with drilling and milling functions. The product varieties are small and refined. The industry and user needs are fully considered. The key components (spindle, automation control system, etc.) are designed and assembled by themselves to ensure continuous Technical iterations, sufficient spare parts to ensure the best after-sales service and the shortest delivery time, a good family inheritance mechanism (third generation) to ensure the consistency of long-term strategies and a relatively conservative concept to avoid the company’s ups and downs. The company has about 200 employees and more than 20 R&D personnel. In 2018, the company’s sales were approximately 80 million euros and the per capita output value was 400,000 euros. The continuity of the products can be seen from the company’s development history. Ninety years of dedication has created the company’s industry status today.

7. Leshauer, Switzerland

The history of Swiss Lehauer can be traced back more than 220 years ago (founded in 1788). It is the oldest machine tool manufacturer in Europe and the world’s leading manufacturer of worm wheel gear grinding machines. Today, Leshauer is regarded as a leader in designing excellent, high-precision, high-performance production systems for gear manufacturers. Leshauer’s products have been exported to all industrialized countries in the world for decades. The new CNC gear grinding machine developed by Leshall is used in various industries in China, including aerospace, machine tool manufacturing, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, shipbuilding, printing machinery, textile industry, and reducer fields.

The worm grinding wheel gear grinding machine of Leshall Company has a machining accuracy of 3-4, which is in a leading position in the world. According to the performance, efficiency, automation, and control methods of the worm grinding gear grinding machine of Leis Hall Company, there are many series such as NZA, OZA, AZA, A-ZO, ZB, SZA, SZ, such as RZ, 300E, RZ301S The new machine tool adopts electric transmission, which is suitable for flexible production of multiple varieties and small and medium batches, and realizes high-precision, high-efficiency and high-automatic processing, which is recognized by users and gradually occupied the vast market.

8. Swiss Biome Technology Co., Ltd.

Swiss Baumer Technology Co., Ltd. was established in the 1960s and is headquartered in Salzburg, between Bern and Geneva in southwestern Switzerland. It currently employs 130 people. For a long time, the company has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of small precision CNC machining equipment, focusing on providing solutions for the processing of small precision and complex parts. In addition to its products are widely used in the watch industry, medical equipment, auto parts manufacturing and light industry In addition, it has a stable customer base in the defense industry such as aerospace, weapons, and ships. Baomei vertical machining center belongs to the first echelon of the world’s vertical machining center brand.

9. Ligit

Ligit is a well-known manufacturer of five-axis linkage blade machining centers. Ligit vertical machining centers belong to the first echelon of the world’s vertical machining center brands.

10. Schaublin Machines SA

Schaublin Machines SA was founded in Bevilard, Switzerland in 1915, mainly manufacturing precision lathes, milling machines and machining centers. In 1973, Schoblin successfully manufactured the first CNC lathe in Europe; in 1983, Schoblin successfully manufactured the world’s first milling machine with a vertical/horizontal head; in 2001, the company developed and produced a new vertical machining center ; In 2002, the German branch was established, and several new models have been launched every year since then; in 2012, the fully temperature-controlled precision turning center 136/137-CNC was launched, which represents the manufacturing level of Swiss Schöbling precision lathes. There are now approximately 250,000 Choblin machines in operation all over the world.

11. Swiss Fassler

Swiss Fassler company specializes in the production of powerful internal gear honing process machine tools, focusing on gear hobbing (gear shaping)-heat treatment-strong internal gear honing technology, conforming to the development of high-precision gear thermal finishing technology.

Swiss Faessler HMX-400 gear honing machine is used for finishing hard gears in various fields. It has a high dynamic multi-axis machine tool, direct-drive spindle, inherent rigid design, and excellent vibration reduction performance. High productivity, high precision, and extensive processing capabilities.

12. ERNST-GROB, Switzerland

Swiss ERNST-GROB is a world-renowned provider of punching cold forming equipment and automated production lines for automotive clutch hubs. At the same time, Ernst Globe is also a well-known equipment provider for cold extrusion of automobile splines. With patented spline cold forming process, the spline cold forming is processed in a non-cutting manner.

ERNST-GROB provides a modern automatic production line for punching and cold forming of clutch hubs, from cold extrusion forming to deburring and finishing, to punching and forming in one go, including automatic loading and unloading and material conveying, which can be unattended. The level of modernization saves labor.

13. LW

In 2006, MZ merged with Lambertvari Ltd. (LW). Lambertvari’s management and employees are committed to the research and development of gear technology and provide customers with efficient solutions.

The Swiss Wali wahli small module gear hobbing machine W900micro and the Swiss Wali wahli small module gear hobbing machine W1000micro are their company’s representative products with excellent product performance. High-performance, high-precision, small-modulus gear processing, eight-axis CNC, used in clocks, instruments and micro-machine industries.

14. Studer

The Swiss company Studer is located in Thun, Switzerland, and was founded in 1912 by Fritz Studer. The company’s development history is as follows:

Swiss Studer internal and external composite grinders have core competitiveness in certain fields, such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, and machine tool spindles. Studer’s philosophy is to manufacture top products. The products are mainly aimed at the high-end market, and most of the customers are at the top of the pyramid where the demand is not particularly large, such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, hydraulics, precision machining, molds, spindle parts and other industries.

15. Affolter Technologies SA

Affolter Technologies SA, founded in 1919, is a family-owned company located in Malleray, Jura-Bernois, Switzerland, where high-precision machinery and micro-mechanical engineering are the core industries.

Aforte Company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of electronic and mechanical parts of various machines and machine tools for the micro-mechanical industrial-grade watch manufacturing industry. Its main products are CNC numerical control system and gear machining center. Aforte focuses on meeting extremely strict technical requirements and has acquired all the technologies needed to respond to modern industrial needs. The company focuses on continuous training and education, and benefits from the promotion of technology from various technical colleges in the country.

Aforte’s gear machining center is not just a gear hobbing machine tool. It adopts multi-axis synchronous interpolation technology and can be used in various versions for the watchmaking industry, aerospace industry, gear reducer, micro-mechanical industry and medical equipment industry. Of users provide standard and customized complete solutions.

16. Precitrame Machines SA

Precitrame Machines SA has been committed to developing the most advanced automated production equipment since 1987. The company’s main business areas are rotary conveyors and finishing machines.

Precitrame provides innovative machining solutions for users who need a large number of machine tools. Users want their machines to be faster and more accurate, while still maintaining a high degree of flexibility. A team of about one hundred people participates in the research and development of customized machine concepts to meet the specific requirements of customers.

Precitrame technology is used in many high-tech industries, such as the automotive industry, watch manufacturing, telecommunications and medical industries.

17. ESCO

For more than 50 years, ESCO ESCO has been committed to the development and manufacture of automatic CNC lathes for plate and bar materials, also known as the core machine, also known as the ESCO slitting lathe, the ESCO core type lathe and the ESCO automatic lathe. The official name is ESCO walking machine or automatic lathe.

The Swiss ESCO walking machine is actually a compound machine tool with functions such as turning, milling, drilling and tapping. All the processes of all workpieces are processed at one time; not only that, the ESCO walking machine also has the function of automatic loading and unloading (standard) , Is the concept of unattended movement. Automatic feeding is different from: the feeding machine of the feeder takes up a large area like a big tail; the ESCO feeding machine is the bundle feeding, also known as the tray feeding, which means that the material purchased by the buyer is If the disk is loaded, it is directly loaded, without straightening and cutting and then loading in the form of straight material.

ESCO walking machine is widely used in watches, locks, connectors, smart phones and other industries. Because of its high efficiency, turning, milling, drilling, and tapping combined processing, it is well received by users.


REGO-FIX, founded in 1950, is a multinational family company that produces and sells high-precision tool clamping systems. Regfix is ​​not only the founder of the ER collet chuck system, but also the leader of the new generation of industry benchmark powRgrip cold-pressed tool holders.

As a patented design of powRgrip cold press tool holder, its innovative design is another milestone in the history of REGO-FIX AG. The continuous capital investment in employees, high-tech manufacturing equipment and product development has made REGO-FIX AG become A leading brand in the field of high-precision tool holder systems.

REGO-FIX partners are all over the world and have established branches in the United States and China. Customers come from many fields such as automobiles, aircraft manufacturing, mold manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and 3C industry.

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