Why 3d Crystal Photo Machine can perfectly meet the needs of merchants

Have you ever thought about a distinctive product or ordinary product? This is usually our company’s business philosophy. When we use 3d crystal photo machine to design awards, we will use this winning attitude to help you find the most favorite design. 3d crystal photo machine is specially designed for design, and has carried out innovative design in the processing field.

Perfect Laser has a professional R&D and sales team that can accurately grasp the market dynamics. The crystal laser engraving machine developed has won a number of patents and won the trust of thousands of consumers at home and abroad. The 3d crystal photo machine model PE-DP-0812 is the 3d crystal photo machine designed by the designer for innovative design and processing. Crystal laser engraving can process portraits, hand or footprints, trophies, buildings and landscape patterns in batches. 3d crystal photo machine is widely used in glass furniture decoration, large format wedding photos and other industries.

One of the various unique customized crystal awards we offer on FineAwards.com is made by our 3d crystal photo machine. These works are really different, because the crystal award made by 3d crystal photo machine features 3D holographic images floating in some solid crystals. Thanks to the personalized crystal trophy, this floating image or bubble map is very chic and elegant.

Do you want to know how we created this floating image? Here, we simplify the 3D laser crystal engraving process into three steps.

Create a template

An independent property of the 3d crystal photo machine is to use any 2D image because of the focus being carved. However, to engrave a 3D image from a 2D image, we must create a template! To do this, we upload the image of your choice to the computer. After that, your image will be converted into a 3D series of dots, which will be used as a template for engraving by the 3d crystal photo machine, and the laser will engrave your image here. Each 3D laser crystal engraving uses tens of thousands of points. A bubble chart as small as 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm may use up to 60,000 points!

Align crystal

People who hire 3d crystal photo machine. Before starting the engraving process, we align the prize with the 3d crystal photo machine. Many engraving machines have only one laser from one point, but some engraving machines have two lasers from both sides. These double-sided lasers are difficult to align, but once aligned, we will fix the crystal on the bottom of the machine to prevent it from moving during the engraving process, because the vibration from the machine and the energy of the laser will cause the crystal to move. Correct alignment, especially during double-sided laser alignment, is important to ensure that the engraving looks best.

Therefore, a question arises, why should I consider 3d crystal photo machine next time I buy?

Advantages of 3d crystal photo machine

3d crystal photo machine is used to engrave 2d and 3d photos inside crystal and glass, suitable for customized crystal engraving business. 3d crystal photo machine is widely used in personalized gift business, crystal trophy and prize production, crystal handicraft and decoration industry. The maximum engraving speed is 3000 points/sec; the typical speed is approximately. 2800 points/sec. The processing time depends on the size of the crystal. The 3d crystal photo machine uses an advanced air cooling system, which can ensure that my 3d crystal photo machine works in an environment of 5℃~35℃, humidity <70%, no condensation, but other machines on the Chinese market are about 10-28 degrees or 15-30 degrees.

Experts introduce the timeliness of 3d crystal photo machine to customers

If you want to design and deliver rewards quickly, this is usually the easiest way. Because it is urged to use 3d crystal photo machine to engrave awards that take less time and manpower than sandblasting, the completion of multiple awards is often faster.

Uniqueness and aesthetics

3D engraving prizes are very different from other traditional works, because once the engraving process is completed, the prize will appear. The complete 3D engraved medal has an eye-catching floating design that can be viewed from all angles. Exquisite white lines make up your design; through clear brushstrokes, the white lines will bring out all the functions in the selected image, whether they are text or graphics. When offering a variety of crystal prizes, we will provide prizes with a variety of sizes of 3D laser crystal engraving designs. If none of these meet your needs, or you want to set up a prize, you can design a crystal prize with custom 3D laser engraving!

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